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Architecture has been attributed as a mental trait of beauty for buildings and structures. In its formal expression by different designers over a generation it has been distinguished into various formal styles following varied philosophies. We see the mention of aesthetic sense in the books of Architecture from the twentieth century. Civilizations have deferred over generations in expressing their homes in vivid different styles. Each one is a new way of expressing their comfort, need creativity, ornamentation, and style of structure. Each architectural style is a representation of the culture and practices in an area. Just like literature the post-modern architecture has evolved itself in manner and style to seek comfort, liking, and ornamentation in buildings as per life of the modern man.

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Modern architecture is more about functional houses which have taken in their fold engineering and modern technology for optimal spacing and efficient energy usage. With the new age arrival, there have been many fold changes in the usage of construction material used in the structures. The new architects have come up with breathtakingly beautiful buildings which are unconventional in style with decorative landscaping work which is magnificent to watch

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Our extraordinary designs lead to extraordinary results. We settle buyers at home at home with coziness and wellness.

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Be our partner in the process of discovery of health, education, and leisure.

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Your abode, your style our décor. Our talent speaks volumes.

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Lay your dream in our hands, we listen, plan and construct your ambition.

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Outstanding patient care with world-class infrastructure which integrates service, and a healthy environment.

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Our environment-friendly project stands for the excellence of design and trust. Make us a part of your aspirations.

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Architectural beauty is not just about huge structures it is also about eco-sized capsule houses or a residential family house designed for sub-urban areas which are unconventional and unique to the imagination. Rowhouses, residential areas, schools, colleges, hospitals, and churches are all designed in the current contemporary style. All structures are designed keeping in mind the climate and heat experienced in the area. Sustainable word is an important part of the new age architecture. Use of recycled and natural material is used in balance. The modern buildings represent efficient spacing, energy efficient systems (for temperature control) which are pocket and eco-friendly. Landscaping which brings in the panoramic beauty of the project keeps in mind the eco-friendly usage of water. A Designtech team of designers and architects help their clients in building projects which lasts for generations with all modern amenities the beauty element is also kept in mind. For an eco-friendly structure get in touch with our team. Achievement of your dream is our team’s ambition.

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