Special building Project

Special building Project

Special buildings are structures used for the purpose of cinema, drama, etc. Cineplexes, a drive-in theatre, auditorium, lecture halls, and assembly hall are typical examples of special buildings. The buildings in modern times are usually have curved forms, high on aesthetic sense and use of bright colors which immediately hold on to people’s attention. The structures can be of varied shapes and the architecture holds onto the classical expression of the design with a contemporary outlook. Landscape architecture helps in enhancing the idea and feel of the designer designing the structure. The materials used in this style of design are wood, concrete, metal, and glass.  The walls might be slanting defying the law of gravity with a wide-open floor layout which gives a feel of huge accommodation and space and bright colors adorning the walls attract the attention of individuals. The Desigtech architects use various tools and software while designing these special buildings the tools used  give the designers added advantage to explore their creativity to the optimum.

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Our Special building projects provide a biophilic experience to the buyers and its essence is inculcated in the design. Our designs are a fresh breath of innovation and ideas.


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