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Contemporary Architecture for Residential Projects

A Residential Project is a housing within the budget that can be afforded by people and gives them all amenities of day-to-day living. As a buyer glimpses a view through a project, he looks for all the basic details he has been aspiring for in his dream home. A buyer looks into every detail before he purchases his house. The height of the ceiling, the length of the windows, the number of balconies nothing escapes the eye of an avid buyer. To buy your dream house come to the projects designed by the brilliant designers of Designtech architects for luxurious and affordable living.

In our design, we take care of the aspirations of the new home buyers. The first thing which comes to people's minds while buying a house is the security provided in the area. CCTV cameras, a smart security system, a fire alarm, and a fire extinguisher on each floor are a necessity. People look for a parking space which is comfortable a crowded and unplanned parking space tends to get cramped up and people unnecessarily suffer. The next need is very basic in nature. The water and electricity supply in an area is extremely important without which life can become a living havoc. Power backup in case of a power cut is another point of concern. Availability of escalators in multi-story buildings, good decent ventilation, and maintenance facility a call away are basic amenities. We blend all your requirements in our basic design our Desintech architects keep your basic comfort in mind during the designing process.

Our Residential projects range from Independent Houses to townships Ranging from 1000 Sqft to 5,00,000 Sqft. We Don’t Design houses - We design homes. The Focus is on customization as per the client's need. Customization ranges from size, style, aesthetics, budget, functional requirement, etc. In addition to the above client requirements, our expertise is in Energy efficiency, cost efficiency, Project management, Life cycle cost control, etc. This is in conjunction with the customization, results in a dream house which is a sensory treat. Get your dream home designed by Designtech architects for a cozy and comfortable living

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Our Residential projects provide a biophilic experience to the buyers and its essence is inculcated in the design. Our designs are a fresh breath of innovation and ideas.


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