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Religious Places in Contemporary Style and Design

Temples, churches, gurudwaras, and mosques house the religious beliefs of a community. Usually, these structures have a certain design that has been around for generations which can be recognized from a distance. People usually feel that it is God’s home. So, the tradition of design is maintained and the aesthetic sense with these buildings is at its optimum. One of the common objectives of places of worship is the accommodation of a maximum number of people in the building who have come to offer prayers. As the process of evolution touched the religious communities the demands started rising among them for places of religious study which would be associated with the religious structure. Like a monastery, convents, madrasas, matha became a part of the design process. Due to which religious places and the design of the architect needed to accommodate these added structures. To design a religious place that keeps the past intact and adds appeal and architectural excellence to the place come to Designtech architects.

The contemporary designs have moved away from the stereotype designs of the buildings and added many flavors of innovation and design which has kept the heart of religion intact and replaced the traditional architecture with designs that work on a belief of higher connection with God. The current structures and the places of religion blend well with the environment and nature. The churches were usually located outside a township built in an ornate style. The current designs are more modern in approach which uses modern architectural style and technology with wide usage of glass, steel, and reinforcement in the form of concrete. The contemporary designs are circular and oval in shape rather than geometric shapes of clean lines.  To get a glimpse and feel of the modern architecture of churches consult the Designtech architects.

The new style and design are under the influence of the secular thought process. This intensified the use of steel and concrete in the buildings. They are designed to reflect the simplicity of thoughts with a distinct aesthetic sense.  Along with the scientific aspect on which these buildings are designed there is an aspect of ornamentation which is unique in a style that can be seen in churches on the Malabar coast in India. The styles are unique and quirky in nature. It is the designer’s intent to bring in designs that make people inquisitive and brings in a desire to explore. The new generation of designers works on the original concept of the place and time in which it is being made. For original designs which relate to the traditions of the area come to the Designtech architect team.

 The modern Indian churches have a definite Indianization factor which is divorced from the architectural style of the western world. The study of the native and traditional factors has become a distinct part of the designing pattern. The glimpses of which can be seen in the structures. While many architects worked have worked on local concepts there are many designers who work on holistic designs which have more national perspective which can be seen in the form of designs that have a sense of discipline attached to it. Each civilization has a past and the contemporary designs will depend on the manifestation of the past to the present which makes designs of each country and community different and unique. To keep the history alive in your structure with a modern design walk into the Designtech office today.

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