Landscape Architecture

Outdoor beautification of the environment is the ornamental design of any project that adds to the early appeal of the customer visiting the site of the project. It is of great importance the designing team takes early measures in landscape design for any infrastructure project to succeed. The science of architecture and the art of beautification converge under one roof and the real flavor of an eco-friendly infrastructure is achieved. Landscaping and design are not just a metro feature now infrastructure developers in rural setup as well look at these pointers while designing a home, row house dwelling, or any large project.

With the advent of landscaping, the environment around reality projects seems to be breathing easy giving a welcoming atmosphere to the customers coming to visit the project. The Designtech team of Architects works on different lines of designing a walkway, a green patch bordered with flower beds. Lines are also added for designing a pool or a pond. The forms of garden and flora are determined by the designer in form of formal or informal gardens, which decide the kinds of plants or stones to be used in the area. A low shrub is usually a part of a formal garden or open green space while a personal garden usually is decorated with flowing greens decorating the walkway or the entrance of a home.

Colour adds texture and hope to our life. It also adds aesthetic appeal to a project. Various coloured flowering plants are used to beautify creating an overall appeal for the buyer. Green gives a feeling of serenity in a place. Usually, most projects at Designtech would concentrate on evergreen plants and crotons which are inviting to the eyes and gives a fresh breath to people. The designers may add a dimension to their design by adding hard textured or soft textured plants and stones for the purpose of beautification. These measures are added keeping in mind the size of the landscape to be designed.

Interior Architecture

The Designtech team of architects design a building or home inside out. They work on efficient use of functional spaces in a building or homemaking efficient use of space and giving it a smart and modern look. They work on proper plumbing of the houses equipping them with modern electrical systems to create a safe home or office space. This would also include work on efficient heating and lighting system giving it a contemporary look of modern times.

It is the job of a designer to understand the space requirement of each room. A clear floor plan helps in clean interior designing and efficient usage of the available space. The design is methodically done so that the design is budget-friendly for the client and can be happily afforded by the customer. They also help the client in deciding upon the accessories and furnishings to be used. Interior design blueprints can help the client decide the kind of furnishing he would like to build in the built space or room suiting his budget.

Once the plumbing work has been completed the Designtech team of interior designers supervises the contractor in finalizing the electrical points in the space to be painted. False ceiling has become an essential part of all modern homes. The interior designer has to oversee that all electrical ducts have been placed before the false ceilings are set. The design should be in accordance with the set standards and practices. Depending on the budget and the built-up area the Designtech interior architects finalize the flooring of the building. It can be vinyl, hardwood, or as per the specification of the client.

The interior designers at Designtech will help you choose the furniture for your abode which will be according to your spending capacity with efficient storage space. The color on the wall should coincide with the furniture in the room and the available light. The finish and the texture are as per the specification of the client and the budget specified. The team of interior decorators also helps the buyer in choosing the accessories to enhance the space available bring up the aesthetic feel of the area. Help can be availed in the choice of plumbing fixtures for bathrooms. Post the decision on details by the client and the designer the architects oversee the installation of the decided items and checks on the finishing of the overall project, building, or home.

Architectural Conservation

Architectural Conservation is a study of the internal environment created by buildings, structures, and their occupants with the external environment. Designtech believes in conserving the architectural values through the process of material use, design durability, etc. Some of the measures of conservation are maintenance, reconstruction, adoption, and adaptation of existing buildings, and rebuilding the environment.

Retrofitting Of Buildings

Designtech designers and architects help in the modification of old buildings and make them energy efficient. It is upgraded and worked upon to positively react to the changing weather conditions and reduces its carbon footprint. It is a great way of improving the value of an asset. Some of the main advantages of retrofitting are improved energy efficiency, reduced cost of maintenance, and better thermal outfit which saves energy. The addition of steel and concrete is a local retrofit methodology. The second method is to use the shear wall and steel bracing which is another retro method used by architects to modify old structures. A careful balancing of different elements is done by the Designtech team of designers to improve the performance of the building.

Graphic Design and Signage

Graphic Design is an amalgamation of words with architectural forms. It communicates the geographical location and form of architecture. While Graphics Signage is the combination of aesthetic appeal which speaks about the business message and enhances the environmental décor of the building. These are visual communication with the customer giving an identity to the project.  Designtech team uses these methods to pitch their ideas and products better in the market which helps the client to sell their houses and projects faster. Custom-designed signage helps in brand identification, way navigation to a property, helps in creating a professional appeal among customers. With Graphic design and signage, the architects and designers at Designtech add ornamental appeal to the business and sends a distinct branding image to the customers


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