Contract Management

Designtech team of engineers help their client in the preparation of the contract and manage it for them. With vast years of experience, the team is adequately informed about the legal formalities involved which helps the team in leading the contract. The contract terms and agreement are set in accordance with the legal framework and keep the perspective of the client in mind. Contract management does not end with legal detailing it also entails the execution of the contract and achieve operational efficiency during the period of the contract. When we talk about operational efficiency, we also need to mention the costing of the project which is of paramount importance. Managing cost-effectively and achieve optimal efficiency in the project is a challenge that the designers constantly encounter. The team helps the client in the preparation of the technical and financial bid and participates in the ongoing contract discussions. The contract's profitability is one of the major indicators of a good contract so the financial bid needs to be made keeping in mind the future escalation of cost of material and employee cost and making a provision for miscellaneous expenses in the bid. The Designtech team of engineers monitors and participate in the contract discussions with the client. The team gets involved with the project at the pre-award stage taking full ownership of the ongoing work.

Once the contract gets awarded it is mid-way in the contract management process. The final terms and condition are signed off between the client and the party awarding the project. A lot of contract management work is done during this process by the Designtech team. The post-contract stage is when the real work starts at the client site. The management of the contract follows till the completion of the contract period and the deliverables delivered to the party.

A good contract manager would look into the following details while administering a contract.

  • The financial goal should be realized. Efficient costing and optimal efficiency are the key to the financial success of a project.
  • The supply of material should move uninterrupted and work at each stage gets finished on time.
  • All disputes in-house or with the awarding party should get resolved on time.
  • Timely completion of the project and both parties involved derive satisfaction in terms of work completion and financial profit derived from the project is a major indicator of success.


Sealed bids are invited by companies before the awarding of the contract. Technical specifications are mentioned in the technical bid which entails the list of technical specifications regarding the project is submitted. The financial bid contains the cost and financial specification of the project which is submitted for the financial bidding which should be competitive for winning the bid. The Designtech team helps the customer in technical and financial specifications to win the project. Multiple discussions initiated during the bidding process are coordinated by the team of engineers in the pre-award stage. All kinds of discord are sorted with the help of the designing team for the smooth functioning of future work.



Site Management

An architect is involved in the project right from the time of inception to its end delivery. The making of the tender to the awarding of the project is done with the help of a team of engineers who put in huge effort to understand the very concept and put a mental frame of building in their mind and estimate the cost of the structure keeping in mind the growing cost of infrastructure material in the coming future. While designing the project and during a series of interactions with the client the designer understands the very ethos on which the values of the company is based. Basis which the design of the building is conceived and put on paper. Through the discussion many problems of the client’s surface which needs to be resolved by the people overlooking the site.

At the various levels during the work process, there are many checks made by the architects to oversee if the project is moving on the right path as conceived and is moving on the right timeline. The material used is of the right specification and the design is giving the desired effect on the overall structure. The cost factor is always monitored to keep the profitability quotient high for the client. Till the completion of the project and its delivery to the client the engineers and the designers are on their toes servicing the client in all ways possible for the successful delivery of the overall work. When you want an architect to own your work and give you a result which drives you close to your ambition Designtech is the team one should look for to design their real estate and make their dreams come true.


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