Interior Project

Interior Project

An Interior project looks into the most efficient use of the space available in the room and enhances the aesthetic sense of the home in which people dwell. The appeal is added to the room by using different kinds of light, color on the walls and by technically planning the space and looking for its optimum functionality. Interior architecture is not just about pleasing the senses it is much more technical than that. An architect before starting the planning ascertains the need of the client and builds his plan around it. Interior spaces like doors, windows, and furnishings are decided accordingly. Help us weave your dream into reality by working on the interior projects of your home with the help of Designtech architects.

An interior project design starts with the understanding of the people who will be using the structure and their need for spaces. It starts with the planning of the spaces before the actual furnishing is placed in the room. An architect allows the room to breathe rather than crowding it with expensive things. The room needs to be best at functionality for people living in and completely safe. Ventilation and lighting are given primary importance in the process of planning. To get a functional house that is full of aesthetic appeal go ahead and hire our Interior project architects from Designtech.

These are undertaken by DESIGNTECH PROJECTS which is a subsidiary of the group and executes Turnkey design and execution. All the above typologies indicated earlier have been executed within budgetary and time constraints. Conceptual thematic interiors as per typology and client profile are our strengths. Our projects will suit your budget and will be designed accordingly. As an architect, we have a problem-solving attitude and we are creative with our design forms. For an aesthetic appeal and elegant spacing which gives your home a smart look hire Designtech architect for your abode.

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Our Interior projects provide a biophilic experience to the buyers and its essence is inculcated in the design. Our designs are a fresh breath of innovation and ideas.


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