Institutional Project

Institutional Project

A design of an Institutional project is different from the design of other real estate designs. Aesthetic appeal is an important part of the design process. While designing institutional designs the architect needs to understand the vision and mission of the organization along with the look and feel of the building. The goals and vision of the institution should get reflected in its design. Technology plays an important role in all aspects of life. Technology has become dynamic and while designing an architecture for an institution space should be made for technical applications for the present and changes which would come in the future. Designtech architecture keeps in mind the present and the future needs of the client during the design process.

The buildings coming up today are conscious of design and functionally efficient. The designer looks into efficient heating and lighting facility availability through the building. Safety and security of people coming to work is another factor which is kept in mind. CCTV cameras and proper security building are an integrated part of the project. Good institutional establishments have in-house gymnasiums, sports complexes, and auditoriums for use of institutions. Open green spaces are built in to add beauty and an environment-friendly feel for people working in these buildings. Buildings designed by Designtech architects give the complete feel of growth and holistic development.

We give our customers a biophilic experience and inculcate its ingredients during the design process. Our designs incorporate nature into the building spaces which adds health to its occupants.  The buildings designed by Designtech architects are functionality combined with experiential spaces become the effort in these projects with special emphasis on Healing environment for health care facilities such as hospitals, Exploratory interactive spaces for learning facilities such as schools, colleges, etc., Care is taken to ensure an environment-friendly (Biophilic) experience. Come to Designtech architects for a complete package of design and feel the effect of nature at work.


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