Industrial Project

Industrial Project

The planning, designing, and construction of buildings entail the job of an architect. The job of the architect becomes more critical in the case of an Industrial project as the design needs to integrate with the services provided by the industry. Industry architecture is done keeping in mind the future expansion plan of the industry due to which such future provisioning is made. Each industry has a unique process and follows its set procedure for the output of its product. The design should be conducive to the production process. Engage the Designtech engineers and architects for modern architecture which will integrate with your process.

The process of manufacture will require a certain kind of staging and for each stage there will be requirement of machines and input of material and each stage will be handled by some manpower. The optimal spacing of each stage, space for machines, and storage area is an integrated part of the design. The architects sit through with the team understanding the entire process of manufacture and the design is an output that inculcates all-important staging of the manufacturing process. To integrate all important production stages in the design of the industry hire architects from Designtech.

Each production stage will require a machine that will have an output of heat, waste material so the design needs to accommodate the ventilation and the disposal of the waste in an environment-friendly manner. Industrial safety is another factor that needs to be looked into and has to be according to the government guidelines. At Designtech we work on primarily functional typology with stringent budgets, these require a thorough understanding of the processes involved with complex space requirements for both human and machine interface. With contradicting requirements/conditions for the process machines and the people manning them, the challenge is multifold with budget constraints and time constraints. Coupled with the above are the controlled operational costs leading to efficient energy usage, challenges of maximizing productivity in an otherwise uncomfortable environment. 

Our USP here is: 

  • User comfort
  • Increased productivity
  • Energy efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Process-based customization 

Team up with the Designtech architects for the design of your industry.

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Our Industrial projects provide a biophilic experience to the buyers and its essence is inculcated in the design. Our designs are a fresh breath of innovation and ideas.


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