Commercial Project

Commercial Project

An architect plays an important role in the construction of a commercial project. It is the job of an architect to get the license for the construction of the project. It is the general responsibility of the architectural company to ensure the technique used for construction is safe and the overall safety of people working on the project site is ensured. All policies regarding construction are followed by the contractor is also the job of the architect. Malls, shopping centers, restaurants are all commercial complexes designed to suit the business need of the owner and added an aesthetic appeal which gathers a crowd around it. To add value to your commercial project, get associated with the Designtech architects.

 As an architect of the project, we not only work on the outlay and the design of the building of the project we are associated with you through the lifecycle of the project construction. We liaison with the contractor, sub-contractor, and other professionals associated with the construction process. Our designs suit the business requirement of the client. Through our design process, we work on multiple designs and we try to ascertain the behavior of a customer and its impact on the business due to a certain design. Our Designtech architects while working on the blueprint will understand the need of your business and translate them into a design.

The emphasis here is to provide the client with maximum space efficiency since the building is speculative in nature. This coupled with Value engineering results in an aesthetic appeal without compromise on the maintenance which makes for longevity, maximum returns, and a satisfied end-user. We look into all perspective during the process of design which includes the accommodation of specific equipment, storage area, spacse that need temperature control, optimal use of space for people to move freely while at work, and comfortable places for rest which ensures a satisfied staff. To ensure a design that enhances optimal daily functioning of business and a design alluring to the eye get in touch with our Designtech architects. 

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Our Commercial projects provide a biophilic experience to the buyers and its essence is inculcated in the design. Our designs are a fresh breath of innovation and ideas.


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