About Us

Our Vision

Designtech is well known all over the country for its contribution to the field of architectural design. They have taken the designing of homes and infrastructure to a new level by giving the customers a home that is known for its efficacy, conscious use of energy, resources used, conscious water usage making the overall project cost-efficient. Long-time-lasting homes with the use of low-cost impacting material which has high performance in the future last for generations and makes the project desirable among customers wanting their dream home. A home is a place where love, hope, and prosperity grow within the four walls. As people leave the doorstep of their abode, they wait to go back within its coziness. The young and vibrant team of Designtech has been putting in a serious effort to bring people to such a dream setting which they can call their own. Designing a cost-effective home for people with a long-standing commitment to excellence.

Our Mission

Modern architecture is a beautiful medley of organic designs which keeps a fair balance between nature and human existence. These projects are attractive to the eye and environment friendly. The team masters in keeping a keen eye to maintain the beauty and semblance between mother earth and architecture in one single frame.

Our Value

As a company, Designtech follows a modern style of architecture that is based on newly evolved methodologies of design. The houses are airy, covered with bright light, a contemporary style of open interior made with eco-friendly material, and follow a sustainable design which is good for the environment and gives a feel-good factor of happy dwelling. Our team travels through the contours of the designing process and evolves itself as a customer and eco-friendly designer in an organic style of architecture.

Enlarged Horizon

Design is a story of creativity for an architect which is unique to its surroundings and environment. It would trigger different kinds of responses between people of different backgrounds. It is the art of the designer to captivate the feature of customer delight through their creation. This is true for any Real estate, commercial property, hospitality or, hospital projects, or architectural excellence for a holy initiative.

Our Architectural Perspective

Modern and Contemporary are two forms of design. While one existed the other is futuristic in approach. At Designtech our architectural forms dwell in the future. The designs are a representation of the modern customer's taste, habits, and lifestyle. It is styled in a manner that makes it ageless in its function and décor and represents the modern lifestyle.

Support Completion

We get involved with our clients right at the inception stage. The insight and the dream of the client are of preeminence and stand out in our architecture. We stand by our clients till the completion of the project providing them a peppery taste in our services by helping them with turnkey interior designing which is ornamental and keeps the modern customers' color palette in mind. The simplistic taste of the modern man is kept in mind which is functionally efficient and cost-efficient, is our specialty.

Desgintech - A Contemporary Thinker

We are a pragmatic team; we work in a step-wise manner with our clients. We make a complete evaluation of the site and its surrounding before working on a plan. The proposed plan of the client and its impact on the environment is an essential study; a detailed report is generated before the plan. Understanding the client's needs and the requirement of the current buyer is of utmost importance and needs to be mapped before finalizing an architectural plan for the client.


Our team helps the client in finalizing a design that includes a functional park in the vicinity of the project, gardens, playground for children, schools and colleges, shopping areas, hospital, places of worship. To enhance the aesthetic look of the project landscaping is an essential part of planning. Around the location of buildings pathways are made, green patches of shrubs, flowering plants, and trees are planted to make it an eco-friendly abode.emental industrial services, and out of all those companies